Kleider Veterinary Services combines the traditional look and appeal of a classic horse farm with one of the most up to date diagnostic, surgical, and treatment facilities available to horses and their owners. Located near historic Fort Langley, in the northern portion of British Columbia’s “Horse Capital,” we are only seconds from the Trans-Canada Highway 1, with convenient access to all major thruways.

The layout at Kleider Veterinary Services makes it easy for clients to bring their horses to the clinic for examination. The entrance from 232nd st. on to our private section of 80th ave. provides trucks and trailers with easy access and convenient parking.

The state-of-the-art clinic houses an extensive examination area containing digital fluoroscopy, digital radiography and digital ultrasound diagnostic equipment. The sterilization and scrub room has a laboratory for processing IRAP, PRP and other specialty items. The operating and recovery rooms are now complimented with a new area for minimally invasive surgery which has stocks for standing laparoscopy. Shockwave therapy and standing procedures are also done here. Lameness and pre-purchase examinations utilize non-slip paved surfaces, a hard pack round pen, and the indoor arena for jogging / longeing and riding.

Safety concerns (radiation and maintaining sterility) and insurance policies allow only employees or those in training to attend surgeries but please feel free to review the website for pictures and video clips of our surgical procedures.