September 28 – September 30, 2017 – THE PELVIS

including Lumbosacroiliac Area and Hip Joint


ALSO FARRIER DAY! – Wednesday September 27, 2017   register by visiting and clicking on events

To register for the 3 day Pelvic module please visit the ISELP Vancouver Registration Website.

This 3-day ISELP module will be the second annual, and the only ISELP 3 day Module held in Canada with Professor Jean-Marie Denoix. The area of anatomy to be discussed at this module will be the pelvis. The Pelvis module uses background knowledge and clinical case presentations as well as live demonstrations to explore some of the most common conditions of the pelvis that practitioners deal with in everyday practice. The module provides 20 hours of instruction and includes three hours of practice on live horses under the supervision of certified instructors.

Conditions reviewed include sacroiliac arthropathies, lumbosacral arthropathies, pelvic fatigue fractures, traumatic fractures and coxofemoral conditions. Special emphasis is placed on the prognosis and management of the different conditions.


ISELP (International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology) is an organization dedicated to providing contemporary knowledge and techniques in the continually evolving field of equine locomotor analysis to better prepare the equine clinician to understand and manage lameness conditions in the equine athlete.

Professor Jean-Marie Denoix of the CIRALE (Center of Imaging and Research on Equine Locomotor Affections) in Normandy, France is considered the world’s foremost equine musculoskeletal system anatomist as well as a leading equine diagnostic ultrasonographer. Professor Denoix is a founder and current president of ISELP and was also the 2006 recipient of the Schering Plough Equine Research Award from the World Equine Veterinary Association for outstanding applied research work in Equine Diagnostic Imaging. Jean-Marie has been the invited speaker at many international meetings in more than 30 countries around the world on topics related to clinical examination and imaging of equine locomotor problems.

After three years of intensive training in locomotor pathology including musculoskeletal examinations, radiology, ultrasonography, nuclear medicine, MRI and other imaging technologies as part of the ISELP program, Dr. Kleider successfully completed the six part ISELP examination in France. In 2012, he became the first Canadian and one of only several dozen veterinarians in North America, to receive ISELP certification.

Dr. Hodge has also completed all his training and is ISELP eligible.

ISELP certification provides the horse owner with confidence of diagnostic proficiency and treatment competency to an internationally recognized standard of excellence. As a leader in the field of equine sports medicine, Dr. Kleider is committed to investing in continuing his education in order to bring the most current information and advanced diagnostic techniques to his valued clients.

Dr. Kleider travels internationally to help instruct at ISELP seminars and has hosted 1 and 2 day modules for conferences since 2013, attracting veterinarians from across Canada and the United States. Starting in the fall of 2016, Kleider Veterinary Services will be hosting the first International 3 day ISELP conference in Canada.