Sports Medicine

With the many advances in equine medicine, there are now a variety of therapies available to maintain optimum performance in your horse.


IRAP and PRP are both regenerative medicines used often at Kleider Veterinary Services as effective ways to treat osteoarthritis, by halting the inflammation and ongoing destruction of cartilage in the joint, cases that have not responded well to hyaluronic acid or corticosteroids or for post surgical joint therapy. Both IRAP and PRP may be used in conjunction with shockwave therapy.

Shockwave therapy enhances circulation to the area and causes local release of growth factors which promote healing and tissue remodeling. It has been very successful for treating suspensory ligament injuries, tendon injuries, back pain, joint disease, ringbone, splints and much more.

Bisphosphonates are another effective therapy for treating osteoarthritis, navicular symptoms and to correct imbalances in bone modeling. Currently, a product called OsPhos is being used which is administered intramuscular.

Often these therapies are used in conjunction with corrective shoeing. Dr. Jean-Marie Denoix, of ISELP and renowned equine anatomist, has developed a series of shoes that works biomechanically to support and allow the healing of various injuries.

After therapy it is important to reevaluate the horse by assessing musculoskeletal motion and using digital radiographs and/or ultrasound. At this point if the injury is healing, a controlled rehab program can be started. Depending on the severity of the injury this can take two to six months.