Shockwave is a safe, noninvasive therapeutic treatment for multiple soft tissue and bone conditions of the horse.

Shockwave therapy uses high energy pressure waves transmitted by a unique probe with pads of varying sizes necessary to treat the area of interest.

Shockwave therapy:

a)enhances/improves circulation to the area,
b)stimulates/turns on local stem cells,
c)promotes tissue release of growth factors which collectively promotes healing and tissue remodeling.


After a specific diagnosis is made using x-rays or ultrasound, it can then be determined if shockwave will be a beneficial treatment. The procedure takes about 10-20 min and is performed under mild sedation. Most injuries require a series of three treatments performed about 2-3 weeks apart.  This may vary depending on the injury, severity and chronicity.  Shockwave can also benefit horses during a competition season or as part of a physiotherapy/rehabilitation protocol.

Shockwave is routinely used for:

– Tendon injuries (tendonitis)
– ligament injuries (desmitis)
– Joint disease (arthritis)
– Back pain (kissing spine, muscle pain)
– Ringbone (pastern arthritis)
– Bucked shins
– Splints
– Stress fractures
– Navicular syndrome
– Delayed unions
– Muscle injuires

Shockwave can be used in conjuction with other therapies such as IRAP, PRP and OsPhos and has shown great success in treating persistent lameness associated with a wide array of tendon and ligament injuries, such as proximal suspensory desmitis, superficial flexor tendonitis, and collateral ligament injury.  Importantly, Dr. Kleider and Dr. Hodge will recommend a specific shockwave protocol for your horse which will maximize return to competition as soon as possible with regard to safety and healing.

Upon completion of the full series of shockwave therapy, the rehabilitation program can be started. Some horses receive additional treatments for maintenance.