Soft Tissue

Soft tissue surgery comprises numerous definitions in the modern veterinary profession.  Our soft tissue surgery case load is comprised of:

castrations (standing and under general anaesthesia)

mass removal (sarcoids)

palmar digitial neurectomy

proximal suspensory surgery (fasciotomy)

medial patella ligament desmoplasty

wound or trauma reconstruction

skin grafting (punch and pinch grafts)

ocular surgery (standing or under general anaesthesia)

laceration repair

reproductive post foaling repair

sinus surgery (trephine and bone flap surgery)

oral tooth extractions

umbilical hernia surgery

airway surgery (tie-back, ventriculocordectomy, myectomy)

degloving injuries

puncture wounds

joint or tendon sheath sepsis

annular ligament desmotomy

periosteal stripping

incisor jaw fracture repair