OsPhos is a bisphosphonate (similar in category to Tildren) given by intramuscular injection to inhibit excessive bone loss or formation via its effects on osteoclasts and osteoblasts. It is useful in the treatment and prevention of orthopedic conditions associated with an imbalance of bone remodeling.

Osphos is approved for therapy of navicular disease in horses and has been widely used for other bone related diseases with good success:

– Navicular related problems
– Ligament tears at bone insertions
– Bone abnormalities such as bone cysts
– Osteoarthritis including bone spurs
– Sesamoiditis
– Bone oedema

OsPhos inhibits bone resorption by inhibiting cells called osteoclasts.  Osteoclasts grab onto calcium crystals which comprise bone and dissolve them.  By stopping osteoclast activity, OsPhos slows bone degradation.

OsPhos administration is split into 5 ml intramuscular injections given in three locations at one time.  Mild colic signs, sweating, and anxiety can occur with injection but this usually resolves with simple in hand walking for 20 minutes.  We recommend re-examination 2-3 months post injection to assess improvement.