Digital Radiography

The practice has 2 digital radiography (DR) systems allowing us to diagnose lameness issues in clinic or on the road.  We utilize a larger unit  in clinic for lower neck, chest, head and back images.  Treating a referral case load has allowed our services to expand and therefore we can utilize multiple machines when required in clinic, on the road or during competitions.

DR systems also offer sophisticated image processing tools, giving us much greater depth of information that can be enlarged or manipulated for far more detail, resulting in closer scrutiny of potential areas of concern.

Digital Radiography is a great addition to a pre-purchase exam as it provides baseline information on the horses bones and joints. For the performance horse it is useful in viewing potentially problematic areas specific to the discipline or breed. Also, radiographs can be transferred to a CD or USB stick for later viewing and are kept on file for medical records.

digital radiograph of horse chip
x-raying a horse