Minimally Invasive Tooth Extraction

Cheek Tooth Extraction Via a Minimally Invasive Transbuccal Approach

Recent advances in equine dentistry have improved our ability to perform oral tooth extraction utilizing a minimally Invasive approach through a small incision in the cheek.

The recent acquisition of new instrumentation  necessary for performing these techniques permits oral extraction of an affected cheek-tooth without having to use repulsion through the sinus, which is associated with a significantly higher rate of serious complications.


Many years ago Dr. Kleider had a visiting German veterinary student intern with him for a summer semester. This student–Frederick–went on to publish a number of case reports from various clinics in Europe that utilized a minimally invasive transbuccal approach to cheek tooth removal in the horse. This new technology and technique is now available for us to utilize on your horse if necessary; the procedure avoids the traditional complications associated with tooth repulsion through the sinus.

transbuccal tooth extraction technique
Dr. Kleider numbing the incision site where minimally invasive tooth extraction will take place
Minimally invasive equine tooth extraction instruments