Orthopedic Surgery

Fractures in horses are devastating injuries. The large size of the horse, their inability to support their weight on only three legs for any length of time and the demand for maintaining athletic performance makes equine orthopedics a challenging business. The horses’ innate instinct to flee when there is pain or fear makes many a perfect fracture repair disintegrate during anaesthetic recovery. However our knowledge and techniques are constantly being developed and improved to increase our chance of success. Fractures of the knee or hock and below carry the best prognosis. Severe upper limb fractures in mature horses are still beyond our capabilities.


Dr. Kleider has received training in this area through basic and advanced courses provided by the AO foundation, a group dedicated to the Anatomical Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF).

Above is an example of a P1 fracture that was surgically reinforced. The post-op picture taken the day after surgery shows how the screws compressed the fracture.

A fracture that was surgically reinforced through orthopedic sugery